Sean Burke

Founder and Director

Sean Burke


Sean is a graduate of the University of Illinois College of Law, where he served as a Symposium Editor for the Illinois Law Review. His legal practice has taken him to arguments throughout Indiana and Illinois, including up to the Seventh Circuit. His full bio is available here.


In over fifteen years of commercial litigation experience, Sean has witnessed the evolution of discovery into “eDiscovery.” What used to be massive paper projects became inefficient computer-based ones—which is why Sean started to combine his software knowledge and litigation experience to produce faster and more cost-effective results than were previously possible. He now has a proven track record of concluding projects that are defensible and reliable—at a fraction of the cost of more traditional reviews.


Throughout his career at large law firms—and then at MBCB Law where he is a founding partner—Sean has led clients through all stages of the discovery process. These challenges have included drafting eDiscovery protocols, managing dozens of attorney-reviewers, negotiating case management plans, and designing offensive strategies, while counseling clients throughout the resulting motions. Sean’s proven ability to manage document review projects of all natures and complexities—while keeping the bigger litigation picture in mind—is what makes him an invaluable asset to Proteus and his clients.